Fixed berths with or without queue

Digitize the entire flow from the time a customer joins the berth queue, register their interest in vacant berths until they subscribe to their berth annually.

With a plethora of smart features that are constantly increasing, we automate berth management.

Our Features


Boat queue with mobile bankID and automatic check up against the population registration address data base directly in the application.

Allocation and registration of interest

Allocate an infinite number of berths at once. Fully open system so anyone can see where there are vacancies and what their rates are.


Login with BankID ensures the customers identity. Can also be combined with traditional login with e-mail and password.

Direct payment

The benefits of direct payment are many. The money goes straight into your account and returns on all or part of the amount is as easy as taking payment.

SPAR check

SPAR = The goverments adress and personal information register. Automatic SPAR check ups take place at the first login. The system can then periodically make new checks to ensure that customers are still entitled to a berth in your ports.

Berths without queue

Several of our customers also have our system that handles the berths without a queue. This means that customers themselves book and pay for the desired berth for the desired time. As self-sufficient it can be.


With the same principle as for subscribing to berths, customers can rent boathouses in the system. With or without queue.

Two seasons

If you have two seasons (summer and winter), you can e.g. the summer season have a regular subscriber and the winter place can be rented by someone else.

med mera...

Our customers save extremely much resources with our system. Partly because we at the port system have a close eye on the business and possible problems and partly because a lot of work can be automated with self-service for the end customers.

Satisfied customers and satisfied administrators.

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For example: the City of Västeråsand the Municipality of Strängnäs, which is Sweden's largest port and our largest customer with fixed berths.

How it works

New customers pay and apply for a berth. The application can then be reviewed or automatically approved.

An allocation means a step where you specify a period in which your customers in the berth queue make expressions of interest on vacant berths and then easily allocate 100s of berths at one and the same time.

The system takes in all parameters such as time in the queue, category in the queue location and ranking of the various registrations of interest and then assigns the right place to the right customer.

When it's time to pay, customers are notified via e-mail and text message automatically from the system. Payment is made by Card or Swish.

Every year, customers are notified by e-mail and text message when it is time to pay. Customers can cancel their mooring or queuing place at any time.

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"After 17 years in the industry, we have encountered most things about port operations and moorings."

Robert Klouda FOUNDER

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Referenser Fasta båtplatser

Uddevalla Kommun Lär mer Direkte betaling av kommunens båtplasser.
Västerås city Lär mer Booking and payment of the municipality's boatspot.
Gotland Region Lär mer Annual payment of fixed berths and berth queue in 6 ports on Gotland.
Lysekils Kommun Lär mer Bokning och betalning av kommunens fasta båtplatser, gästhamnsplatser, ställplatser och båtplatskö.
Eskilstuna Kommun Lär mer Årsbetalning av fasta båtplatser och båtplatskö.
Strängnäs Kommun Lär mer Bokning och betalning av kommunens båtplatser.
Lomma Kommun Lär mer Bokning och betalning av kommunens båtplatser.
Mörbylånga Kommun Lär mer Årsbetalning av fasta båtplatser samt båtplatskö och gästhamn.
Jordfallls Hamn Lär mer Betalning av fasta båtplatser, ställplatser och parkeringsplatser.
Fantasi Marina Lär mer Booking and payment of season fees, caravan spots, guest harbor and sauna.
Oxelösunds Kommun Lär mer Direktbetalning av kommunens båtplatser
Svinninge Marina Lär mer Hantering av fasta båtplatser och förvaring på land.

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