A completely digital payment and booking solution

Without expensive investments in hardware, we help you get paid around the clock, all year round.

Our system is completely built from the ground up to optimally manage port fees in one system.

Our Functions


By offering pre-booking, guests can drive to the location in peace and quiet. This means less fuel and less stress.

All pre-bookable places also work as drop-ins. Booking and payment with Kort and Swish around the clock. Cancellation with automatic refund as standard.


Take payment in the easiest way possible, directly from the cockpit. No app and no account.

Access codes

Send automatic mailings with codes to service houses, booms or garbage stations via SMS and e-mail.


Let customers pay for options such as: Electricity, laundry room, sauna, etc

Advanced pricing

Set exactly the rates you want. Hour, day, week, month or specific dates. You are in full control of your pricing to optimize revenue.

Block sites

Quickly and easily block individual locations or entire bridges at e.g. renovations or events directly via mobile.

Booking schedule

Get a quick and clear overview of upcoming occupancy that is updated in real time directly on your mobile.


Making a refund on all or part of an amount has never been easier. Two clicks in the system.. done!

Warnings & Offers

Through the system, you can quickly reach all visitors via e-mail or SMS with warnings about e.g. fire or marketing of e.g. upcoming events.

and more...

The guests who use our system love it! This is because, from the start, we have had the goal of simplifying things for the guest. It should be easy to pay. We have removed unnecessary steps such as login or app download.

Satisfied guests and satisfied harbor hosts.

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For example: Marstrand Guest Harbor and Strömstad Guest Harbor which are Sweden's most and second most visited guest harbors.

Our self-developed lamp system

Directly synchronized with the booking system

Lamps that directly show what is available or booked in both berths and parking lots.

This unique product takes booking to a whole new level. "Large lamp" is mounted in each place and "Welcome sign with lamps" consists of an overview sign where you see the status of an entire area. Clear for both controller and guest.

No customer is too big or too small

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