We have built Hamnsystem based on longexperience of everything related to the operation of ports and moorings.


Our unique concept means that you get your very own solution with your brand and for your customers.


All income from booking and payment for a car, motorhome or boat in one system.


The basic idea with the system is that it should be as simple as possible for the end customer. No apps to download or account creation requirements. We believe that our system is the market's simplest system for paying. Feel free to compare us!


Our unique lamp system directly shows what is available and booked. Clear for visitors and controller.

500 000+
15 000+

We have built a system from the ground up, which is completely built according to our customers needs. Our customers save money, time and have happier guests.

Simon Hansson - Founder and developer

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Pitches / Mobile home parking

Complete full automation of your pitch. Manage both booking and payment completely without payment machines!

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Fixed berths

Digitize the entire flow, from the moment a customer stands in the mooring queue, registers interest in available moorings until they subscribe annually to their mooring.

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Guest harbor

A completely digital, complete payment solution for guest ports.

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Resource utilization and optimization of guest parking and fixed parking spaces.

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Combine freely between our services

All in one system.One of our strengths is being able to combine our services on onewebsite for the customer.

Our self-developed lamp system

Directly synchronized with the booking system

Lamps that directly show what is available or booked in both berths and parking lots.

This unique product takes booking to a whole new level. "Large lamp" is mounted in each place and "Welcome sign with lamps" consists of an overview sign where you see the status of an entire area. Clear for both controller and guest.

Prices: Booking lights

  • Welcome sign with lights:From: SEK 8,000
  • Large Lamp for berth/motorhomepitch:SEK 799/piece
  • Wiring to the lamps:SEK 69/meter
  • Communication box including Internet:From SEK 3,499/year